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Safety & Education

New Richmond Fire & EMS is committed to safety and education for the residents that we serve. The public relations section of New Richmond Fire & EMS directs their attention to developing and delivering safety and education to the community by means of prepared classes, demonstrations and community events. 


Examples of services provided include:

  • Children's Fire Safety

  • Business Fire Safety

  • Programs for Older Adults

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

  • CPR / AED Training

  • School Visits

  • Firehouse Visits

  • Festivals / Fairs

  • Community Events

New Richmond Fire & EMS is committed to providing safety and fire prevention through education. Education of the general public has enabled the Fire Department to contribute to making New Richmond a more livable community. The Department and its Public Relations Section is focused on the residents of New Richmond and to assure their safety, and at the same time, advocated life saving messages.

To reach the Public Relations Section of New Richmond Fire & EMS, please contact the Director of Public Relations, Cameron Pelzel at (513) 628-2571, send a email to or fill out the form below. 

To contact the public relations section, please fill out the form below

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